Essence Readings by Meg

Welcome to my first blog post, and hello!  This is the home of Meg Johnson Art.  So yeah, it’s pretty obvious that I’m an artist, but I’m much more than simply that, so I’m here to fill you in on what else it is that I do.

My passion is paint, and I’ve been painting since I could hold a brush.  My art journey really changed for me, though, in 2014 when, after years of chronic misdiagnosed illness, I found myself less a portion of my left kidney after major surgery.  I was very sick, and I began to realize rather quickly that there was much more to be healed than just my physical body.  So….as soon as I was well enough to sit up after my surgery, I began seeking alternative healing modalities for myself, and in addition to medical support, I prescribed myself art.  That’s right!  I painted every day that I was physically able throughout my recovery.  My art opened me up to explore the intangible, energetic aspects of myself and the world around me, and help me connect with aspects of myself in need of energetic healing.  In essence, my art became the tangible, painted expression of the energies  I encountered on my healing path.  So much has changed for since then, and I am continually growing in healthy ways through my art journey.

It is my intention that my art empowers those who encounter it to grow creatively as well, and find joy, peace, and love in interacting with it.  I’ve now expanded my art business to further reflect my love of tarot and oracle card readings, as well as intuitive paintings, and welcome any inquiries you may have for me.  Most all of my readings include a small piece of artwork to be used to support you on your life path.

I’m so excited to be sharing this journey with you, and thank you for following along with me as I go!   There will be a lot to share together and lot of painting happening, so here we go!




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