Exploring the Elements Through Art

I decided this morning that I was ready to loosely organize my art time to explore the 5 elements as I interpret them:  Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Spirit.  I’m going to start with the element of Air, which coincides with Spring, as well as the Heart, Throat, and 3rd eye Chakras.  My intent is to work on my Animal Essence series, studying mainly animals that coincide with the Air element before moving on to the next, but I’m going to leave my creative expression open to whatever comes through.  I do have to back track a bit, and connect with the element of Earth to set the stage for my journey.  I want to share this story with you so that you can see where my art adventure really took wing and connected me with the Air element, with my heart.

The first animal that came to mind for me involving the earth element was Fox.  Fox has a special place in my heart as she was there for me throughout a very hard time before my surgery last August. (For those of you who don’t know, after a 7 hour surgery, a lost a portion of my left kidney.) Things were not exactly positive.  While I had finally found a specialist that at least knew what was actually wrong with me (Huge step, really after 3 years of misdiagnosis.), nothing was working out for me as of yet.  The weekend that I connected with fox, it felt as though my entire life was out of sync, and I was feeling somewhat depressed.  Aside from my chronic pain that never went away, but just intensified periodically to the point that I would have episodes where I would nearly pass out, I was also having troubles keeping my business afloat with chronic sickness, and the last straw for me was the issues in getting my records from one hospital to my specialist.  My doomsday was the day I traveled two hours to my Doctors appointment, only to find out it was in vain.  They had nothing they needed to proceed with the next step in getting me healthy.  One total meltdown for me in the waiting room, and a quick exit from the embarrassment of crying in front of an entire roomful of staff and patients, and my dad and I were headed home empty handed.  I felt hopeless and scared, an of course, my dad who was part of my support team, was sad for me as well.

We drove home in silence.  I cried most of the way.  Half way home my dad was reminded of a fox den we had spotted previously.  He suggested that we stop and spend a few moments in nature next to the den.  The den was positioned on a hillside overlooking the highway.  It was a very dangerous spot for them, I thought, next to a busy road.  As we approached, we could see a few of them laying on the hillside.  The closer we got, they disappeared inside.  They were very keen on avoided the approaching vehicles as well as detection by anyone.  I was surprised that we had seen them, but it was no  coincidence.  They had a message for me.

Dad pulled the car over and told me he was going to wait in the car while I took a breather.  Up the hillside I went towards the den, and out of one of the den holes popped a small face, then another.  Having knowledge of animal behavior, I knew that the best thing to do was approach them with my back to them.  I slowly backed up the hill, and sat down about 8 feet from the den.  The foxes sniffed the air, popped in and out of their holes as few times, and then one of them came out, gave itself a big scratch behind the ear, and sat down in the grass behind me.  I sat on the hillside with the foxes for 20 minutes, just soaking up the sunlight and their company before heading home.  Their presence really took me to a peaceful place within myself, and turned my day around.  They showed no signs of fear towards me, and neither I to them.

I’ve since done a lot of study on foxes and found them to be very inspiring symbolically speaking.  Foxes are an excellent guide to the in between places.  They live their lives moving in the spaces between things.  They typically start their “day” at dusk, and end it at dawn.  As with my foxes, they typically reside alongside forests, fields, and even roadways.  And they are very adept at traversing that realm.  That day on the hillside, they taught me a lot about learning to breath and relax in the space between my healing.  Healing is a process, and although at that point I felt that I was not progressing at the pace I would have preferred, Fox was there to calmly reassure me and soothe my frazzled being.  They taught me about patience that day, and gave me a glimpse of the magic to be found betwixt what I wanted and what was yet to come.  Fox, for that reason, is an awesome guide to the elemental realm, as it can be accessed between places as well. Fox showed me how to love myself through that time by showing me how to go within to access my own wholeness, just as they are grounded by their den, which goes into Mother Earth.  And although it took many months for me to see it manifest, with fox as my spirit guide, I traversed from the dusk, the dying of one reality of my path, through to the dawn, where I found my own inner light as well as my physical healing.

Stay tuned for more of my journey!  I can’t wait to explore more the Air element with you through some paint and my writings!  In the meantime, enjoy the Fox energy!



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