Now that We’ve Grounded, Let’s Fly!

As a kid, I used to have a white owl that would land on top of the flagpole outside of my window and hoot to wake me up at night.  I’d sit at my window and just marvel at him.  He was so beautiful and wise.  In my excitement, I remember waking my mom up multiple times to come and see my friend.  Each time she got to my window, he’d be gone.  I wanted so badly to share him with somebody, but I don’t think anyone else ever saw him.  Over the years, I questioned whether or not he was even real, and regardless of why he only chose to show himself to me, I believe now that he was very much real and that he was a messenger for me.  It was reassuring to know that he was watching over me from outside my window at night, standing guard atop the flagpole like a sentinel, waking me from my dreamtime with his soothing calls so that we might have a midnight chat.  I remember as a kid feeling like I had this whole world inside of me that I’d like to share with others, but having such a hard time fitting in outside of the relationship I had with my family.  I was very talkative at home, but very quiet everywhere else.  I remember actually having anxiety at the thought of having to talk to people I didn’t know, much less spend time with them.  A lot of times, I felt like Owl could hear all of those thoughts bottled up inside of my head, and that he helped me release them in some odd way as we stared into each other’s eyes late at night.  He was my Secret Keeper.

Symbolically, Owl represents the relationship between the dark, unseen world, and the world of Light, and it was an amazing experience to actually share with an animal.  He kept those childhood secrets of mine that I hadn’t yet brought to light, and provided me with a safe place to do it.  I was able to process and integrate so much “light and dark” with him sitting outside my window, even if I hadn’t realized that yet.  It was a beautiful heart connection and a look into the shadows to see that everything that exists in the dark is not scary if we have the courage to only peek our heads out from under the covers we tend to hide beneath.

What a gift to look into the darkness as a child and see the moon reflecting back at me from the eyes of an owl.  One of my most cherished memories as a child, and an experience all my own.  The best part to me is the mystery of it.  I have no proof that Owl was real, I only have my belief that he was/is, and isn’t that just how it should be?   Yet another lesson in faith, and trust in the Universe.  And a childhood experience that spoke volumes about the forces and God/Creator that are ever present watching over and supporting us if we can only see it.

Blessings, my friends, and thanks for sharing the journey with me!


Above artwork entitled Secret Keeper

Copyright Meg Johnson Art

Find out more about my work at




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