A Message to Fear….With Love

Fear, you’re a coward.
I see you hiding behind faces, and constructs, masquerading as men and eating up anything that will entertain you.  You feed on those who don’t know their true power, & seek to devour their hearts from within.  You bring clouds of destruction.  I see you for what you are, and I’ll not be a mirror for hatred or fear in your pressence. 
No, I vow to use up every bit of you that


ever has or will exist in me as fuel to power my will to love, & turn you into a molten, burning desire for peace and unity.  I will let that desire spill over into every aspect of my life.   Each time you intend to rise up from my inner darkness as my enemy,  I will embrace you as a lesson to learn from.  Each time you emerge within me and around me with the intent to make me cower, hide myself, or withdraw and become small, I will multiply your perceived force indefinitely as love. 
I will stand in my power as the embodiment of divinity.  If I must, I will weep for the destruction that you cause,  I will scream with anger, & pull my children close to me, but I will have no sympathy for you, nor will I hide behind you.  I will shine my light into your darkness until we see each other for who we truly are. 
I am vigilant and true, & even if I face your biproducts of exhaustion, torment, hate, or ridicule, I know I am not those things, so I won’t embrace them. 
I vow to speak directly to you, never the faces or constructs you intend to do your bidding.  I will always focus my gaze solely on you as the culprit. I won’t speak your empty words of hate back to you, but I will speak from my place of righteous anger should you attempt to corner me.  I will slay you with Divine light should you attempt to darken my door.  I will not bow to you.
I will see you dying at my feet, writhing in your own agony,  not that of humanity.  I will burn you up and paint my face with your ashes.
I will always stand as Love, for Love, and with Love. In some men’s hearts, that will make me your enemy, but as love, I have none.  Just a burning desire to make all that does not appear as love whole again.


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