Facing the Boogeyman & Removing the Mask of Fear

This seems to be a repetitive theme for me as of now, so I’m making it official by sharing with you here so that the Universe knows that I’m serious about taking this lesson and learning from it.  Let it be known that this is not an attack on any belief system.  I’m speaking to FEAR, which happens to be something often attached to our beliefs through life experiences.

Yesterday my family was faced with an amazing learning opportunity while out to an unassuming lunch.  You see, we’re aware that our outward appearance does not always vibe with the collective idea of “acceptable”.  We’re OK with that, but sometimes when we are faced with judgment head on, it’s still a shocker.

We had finished our lunch, and I was shuffling the kids out the door while Derek went back to the table to leave a tip.  As he passed by the table that was directly across from ours, the people at the table started loudly saying, “Don’t look at it!  Just don’t look at it!  Don’t look at his shirt!”  My husband was wearing a shirt with the name of his friend’s band on it.  It had what some would view as a demonic looking creature on it as well as the name of the band which includes the word “Devil”.  The people joined hands and began praying loudly, rebuking the devil……right in front of my husband and the other people in the restaurant.  He stood across from them in shock, amazed that these people would behave so rudely in front of him. He listened for a few seconds, then walked his six foot two, big, burly, vikingesque self straight up to their table and gave them the biggest smile he could muster before walking out.  All the while they sat mortified by his t-shirt….and his presence…….averting their eyes. I was absolutely shocked by such a display of fear, and I find it laughable actually, knowing what the t-shirt and the band meant when they chose to use the words and visuals they did on their shirt.  I know because I asked our friend what the meaning behind it was, and he told me that it was speaking about the day to day choices we all make, in every moment of our day to day lives, and the aspects we embody as human beings…..we all have shadow and light.

It was ironic that they looked at the t-shirt and saw the devil beside them, and projected their judgment rather than check themselves.  It brought up some good food for thought honestly, that I want to elaborate on here, because I was not able to elaborate as much as I’d like in my original Facebook post.  You see, I was not looking at the people themselves who were behaving in such a manner and immediately mirroring back their fear by attaching my judgment to the fact that they were dressed in their church clothes.  I could have, (and I have behaved this way in the past), but instead, I wondered, how often do each of us do that to each other, even under our breath?  Really, how often do we make a rash judgment about another based on external experience?  So many of us are so far disconnected from being able to understand each other from an energetic level, and take that into account just as much, if not more than what we see on the outside.

Now, that may sound weird to some, but science is actually proving now that we have an energetic frequency that is emitted from our heart, that can be sensed by the brain, even if we’re standing across the room from each other.  Think about that for a moment……our brains are wired to sense the frequency emitted by another person’s heart!!!  Why is this not being taught in school?  Why at least is this not common knowledge passed from one person to another?  Why are we not in touch with this phenomenon within our own bodies???

Imagine for a moment, actually being aware of the frequency…..the unique sound…..emitted by the heart of each person you meet.  And imagine that by hearing that sound, you could judge whether or not your frequencies were compatible.  If they didn’t mix well, perhaps you could take the time to find out why, (just like music), there’s a pause in the rhythm, or a deeper bass tone in one section of this person’s life sound.  Imagine that by taking the time to listen and understand it, it could enhance your own frequency in any way you choose by expanding to being open to others.  Rather than just turn it off, or try to force it into your idea of what sounds good, what if you just took a moment to listen and appreciate it for what it is. You can move on anytime you choose, but it doesn’t require you to rewrite their song.   You know, an orchestra or a band consists of many different sounds…frequencies…tones….produced by different instruments, and yet they manage to form a collective sound that’s cohesive.

We have to stop pointing the finger at each other based on these differences, and so I’ve written a manifesto on fear to remind myself of this.

I, for One, stand against FEAR and the situations that occur as a result by being able to differentiate between the energy that fear carries, not by differentiating based o a t-shirt, a tattoo, or a skin color just because the energy coming at us is attached to someone who believes or dresses a certain way.  We need to be aware of our own fears and not project them onto others as well.  These people projected their belief that a t-shirt can carry such power and evil on to my husband in the form of the devil.

I, for One, stand against denying our shadow and turning it into the boogeyman/devil/evil that we see outside of ourselves.  I’m not denying the existence of dark energy, or saying that we don’t have to wage war against it in some instances.  I’m saying we better have some idea of what’s our shadow before casting the darkness onto another.

I, for One, stand next to the man with the devil on his shirt, who embodied the archetype that can turn his cheek with the wisdom to not be shaken by FEAR and any of the emotions brought about by it…..because I love both the archetype and the man in the t-shirt….and I won’t let another human being or dark energy come between that.  We have already fought our battles there.

I, for One, stand for not mirroring hatred back at the people who offend me, because I am learning how to own my own shadow.  While I can have compassion for someone enmeshed in such a way of thinking, I have NO SYMPATHY for the forces that would seek to abuse others through fear.

I, for One, choose to stand for Love above all else.

That’s where I stand.  That’s my manifesto on fear.  That’s what I see when I look into the face of the boogeyman and see it peering back at me with a mask that is comprised of a mirror. That’s when I choose to own The Divine Fire that I possess and let it burn away the reflection the darkness brings me and comfort my own fears into understanding.

Blessings and bravery to you.