It’s More Than Paint, It’s a Journey… and You’re a Part of It!


Deep things coming through today and I can’t wait to dive into the unknown and come out the other side carrying the message that the ancient ones bring me, with paint dripping from my fingertips and smudges of color across my face.
I slow my breath to match the strokes of the brush against the canvas.  In and out, expanding and contracting.  Slowly, with each stroke, time drops away, the room slips from my focus, and the black canvas kisses my face tenderly.  I spiral into the center of it and stardust meets me with shimmering enthusiasm.  A path awaits me, with towering trees tickling the underbelly of the night sky, Starlight laughing as the tree boughs sway across her etheric form.
There’s a white bird that sits atop my head.  He preens me with loving care and soaks in the moment with me.  Owl.  My traveling companion.  We venture into the abyss together and translate frequencies of wonder into paint and shape, and the forms emerge, calling out for me to express them, stepping forward to take shape. 


There is wonder in the darkness, and I’ve seen unsavory things as well, who would claw at my spirit and rip me to shreds.  But they cannot because the white Light of my feathered guide envelopes me, clothes me in Love, and walks with me faithfully.
My companion and I walk on through the forest of trees and stars, who reach down to caress our faces with glowing fingers and tendrils of my windswept hair dance in the moment with them.  The night sky winds my hair thoughtfully through her star studded fingers, and then slowly points me in the direction that the canvas would have me go. 


Glowing pebbles light the way now, and Fox emerges when the forest starts to look the same no matter where I turn.  He is master of the betwixt and so cunning in his knowledge of subtlety.   Where I see a thousand trees that all look the same, he sees the tree with the faintest glow of wonder on it.  He sniffs at the air and approaches the tree.  He breathes in her beauty and lays down beneath her as I approach. Trembling with excitement,  I lay my hands on her trunk.  She hugs me tightly with dewy arms and fragrant pine envelopes me.  I snuggle into her side, and slowly open my eyes to find that I have emerged into her story.  A story written on each growth ring she carries within her.


Raven calls from above and I hear him ruffle his feathers.  They’re made to glisten in the light and they show me the depth of the dark places, for he is more than just black.  His feathers glow with intensity and he plucks one from his wing for me.  Slowly it falls through the laughing stardust and lights on one ring of the tree.  It strikes a tone that reverberates throughout my being, like the string of a guitar being stroked by a master musician.  An explosion of color and my eyes begin to see the message.  My breathing quickens and I am breathing again with each stroke of the brush against the canvas.  It pours out with furious wonder and I sit quietly with her as she begins to breathe on her own.  Together with my traveling companions we found her, and she emerged from the darkness. Now she is alive on the canvas to find her own way….. her own story to tell.
So you see, it is not just a painting to me.  It is a living, breathing thing.  She carries her own wonder and magic, and brings forth the emotion and the message that the viewer needs to connect with. She has come from another place.  A place beyond time, beyond logic, beyond what we believe to be real, but she has made herself real by allowing me to lay her down and flatten her out on my 2 dimensional canvas.  Those with the eyes and an open heart see her truth…..see more than that.  This is the secret, this is what brings her life: the appreciation, the connection with the viewer.  She needs but one person to love her and she breathes!  It’s all connected.♡
Thank you for helping me breathe life into my paintings.  You are greatly appreciated.


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