The Fox and the Forest. (Finding the light in the betwix)

This jungle represents the amazing amount of medical support being currently received by dad.  I share this picture with you all not for the shock value (although I do recognize that it may be triggering for some to see), but more to paint the picture of what we feel in the room around us all when we are in it. 


While you may see only, tubes, and machines, and such, they also represent the host of spiritual pressence and Love and Light present, and the Web of Light that connects he, and us, and you all.  These machines are sustaining his body just as the Universe/God sustains our spirit.   This is the reality of our humanity, but also the chance to find the magic hidden amongst the hard things.  Hoping that you all can see the magic as well.  In this picture, it has golden eyes and a shiny red coat, and it makes its home in the between places, usually the edge of a forest of trees.  In this case, on the edge of a forest of machines.  Dad is tightly connected to nature and has called many of the animals who he shares it with brothers.  So we are welcoming their support here as well.  Couldn’t think of a better animal than fox to represent the Betwix we are in.  Fox traverses dusk and dawn, forest and meadow, and is quite content and happy there. 
I am personally also reminded of the magic that I shared on a hillside with my dad a few years ago when I was having my own medical situation to traverse.  On one particular day of fear and frustration during my illness, he had the eye to watch for the magic as well, and found a den of swift fox along the roadside.  As the tears streamed down my face, he pulled to the side and encouraged me to walk up the hillside to have a sit with them.  I obliged, and then the most amazing thing happened!  2 fox emerged from the den and sat with me calmly.  Dad watched from the car, eyes wide with wonder, at the scene before him.  They accepted me with ease and we all sat in silence for quite some time, dad waiting patiently for me to process.



It feels as though this is what we are doing now for him.   We are learning to be here in the present moment through this process. Welcoming each moment. Sending out much love and gratitude ourselves!  I am sharing this journey with you all because we all have a part in it.  And because I feel that even the hard spots deserve our honor and our light.  ♡


4 thoughts on “The Fox and the Forest. (Finding the light in the betwix)

  1. What a beautiful picture you painted for us with your words! Loving thoughts and prayers for your family as you navigate through this time.

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